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Emancipating women ☾      Liberating femininity ♡   


By finding this page, I take it as a sign that like so many of the women who wear our lingerie, you care about who makes your clothing and what they stand for. Welcome: I'd love to tell you.

⏤ Elisa, Founder

Made slow
Considers our Mother Earth

Every item handmade to order, just for you, in the same studio it's designed in. This is the very definition of slow fashion, which we are proud to be dedicated to.

Photo By Gianluca Bonanno.


It's more than just a buzzword, it's a cornerstone value of our brand - we only make what you ask us for. Returned or ill-fitting clothing sitting unused in wardrobes is a problem the online shopping realm has amplified, so we let you know our detailed measurements to eliminate this.

Made to Last

Only the highest quality European fabrics are used both to ensure your piece lasts a lifetime and that it feels like your second skin and you're inspired to treasure it. All of our materials are sourced from places as close to France as possible, to ensure this part of our footprint is light, too.

Staying Small

Your purchase supports our female-owned business employing a small but magical team of 4. Every piece is made by hand at our studio right here in the South of France. By cultivating the patience for our petite team to make items for you over a few weeks, we can stay this way.

No matter your shape:
Honour your divine feminine

Being unapologetically playful, flirty, sensual and chic is something every wxman deserves to feel regardless of her size, shape or identity, so we offer a generous size range.

Photo By Gianluca Bonanno.

From the Designer

A vision of a free and accomplished woman is who inspires me most. My creations are about the provocation of femininity - beautiful, sacred, divine, sensual. It’s not ‘just’ lingerie, not BDSM or sexuality. The sensuality of the satin and lace on your body - I design these pieces to evoke the same, luxurious feeling as slipping on a piece of fine jewellery.

Hearing “I’ve never felt more in touch with my femininity” from women who wear my lingerie is the best thank you I can receive.

On a personal level, I’m a bohemian romantic at heart. Art in all forms is my greatest inspiration, and comes to me most through colour, shape and sculpture. It’s an emotional process that connects my eyes and heart together at light speed. I process all of this inspiration by sketching my ideas on paper.

Inspired by my grandmother, a seamstress, I started Bad Star in 2015. After doing everything alone for three years, I’m now honoured to work with a small yet magical team in the South of France. We hand-make each piece just for you, with plenty of energy and love.

Something I value most is caring for Mother Earth, and ensuring my imprint on her is as small as I can make it. Outside of Bad Star, I've been an environmental activist for many years. As a designer, it feel it's my responsibility to carry these same values into my craft. I hope to bring back a more traditional, special approach to creating fashion and bring it into our modern world, for modern, empowered women.

Merci beaucoup,


Credit Photo Gianluca Bonanno visit the captivating work of Gianluca